Free Professional Dog Training for adopted dogs!
If you adopt a dog from a shelter, humane society, or rescue group, and live in Santa Barbara County, you are eligible for this great offer!

Our list of dogs for adoption currently includes K-9 PALS dogs, AND dogs available for adoption from the Santa Barbara County Shelter, AND dogs from other shelters and rescue groups in Santa Barbara, Ventura Counties, and southern California, AND a few private adoption posts.

PLEASE READ THE DOG'S INDIVIDUAL PROFILE CAREFULLY for information. We are providing information about the dogs for adoption from other shelters, rescues, and some private parties, based on what is made available to us.

We also provide links to lists of dogs at the county stray animal shelters in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. We hope by doing this we will get your interest in making a visit to a shelter, because that is really the way to find your perfect match.

When you go to a shelter, take a tour of the kennels, ask staff or volunteers for assistance, and make note of the dog’s name and kennel number. The shelters do their best to have a posting of photos of dogs in foster and dogs temporarily away from the shelter.

For K-9 PALS dogs, you will need to complete an application form
and send to, or mail to K-9 PALS, P.O. Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0755.

Adoption donation of $150 is requested for K-9 PALS. Adoption fees for other rescues and shelters vary depending on the shelter, humane society, or animal rescue group. You will need to contact those agencies directly for information about their adoption fees and policies.

K-9 PALS offers 4 free dog behavior training sessions to K-9 PALS adopters, and any adopters of shelter and rescue dogs who live in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Our training classes are funded by donations to K-9 PALS for the promotion of life-long homes for dogs. You can donate specifically for our dog training programs by donating to the K-9 PALS Nigel Fund.

For more information on adopting a dog, call 805-570-0415 or email

For more information please call 805-570-0415 or
email to