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Our Mission Statement
The mission of K-9 Placement and Assistance League, Inc. (K-9 PALS) is to provide humane care, forever homes, and advocacy for homeless and abandoned dogs in county shelters and other dogs in need so that every dog will have a chance for a permanent loving home.

Introduction, History, Goals, and Accomplishments
K-9 PALS is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides resources and services for dogs in many shelters and rescue organizations, and for dogs rescued by K-9 PALS. K-9 PALS does not have a shelter or facility location. Dogs that are rescued into K-9 PALS all live in foster homes until adopted, or in the case of hospice dogs who will live out their lives in a forever foster homes.

K-9 PALS operates solely on donations to help achieve their mission. K-9 PALS receives no government subsidies or revenues from any business operations.

The organization was founded in 2000, incorporated in December 2001, and received tax exempt 501c3 non profit status in July 2002. Our volunteers provide nearly 14,000 hours of service annually, which is equivalent to almost 5 full time employees.

K-9 PALS provides veterinary care, food, daily comforts, dog behavior training, adoption promotion, rescue, adoption, rescue and advocacy for homeless and abandoned dogs of county shelters in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County, and other dogs in need.

With the help of K-9 PALS, for the first 12 years of the organization's existence the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter in Goleta was able to return more than 45% of the dogs to their owners and to maintain a 95% live release rate for Santa Barbara shelter dogs. Only with the assistance and resources of K-9 PALS was this success of being a no-kill shelter achieved during the years 2000 to 2011.

K-9 PALS current goal is to provide dogs in county animal shelters with our resources of veterinary care, behavior training, adoption promotions, transport, and rescue in order to increase live release rates and reduce unnecessary euthanasia of shelter dogs.


1. Promote placement of shelter dogs into homes through return to owner, adoption, and rescue.

2. Advocate for the welfare of homeless and abandoned dogs in shelters.

3. Provide resources for shelter dogs for their veterinary care, health, comfort, and behavior modification, adoption promotions, rescue and relocation to no kill shelters.

4. Promote responsible pet ownership, provide public education for responsible pet ownership, and provide dog behavior training for dog adopters, and shelter employees and volunteers.

5. Work with like minded shelters and rescue groups to accomplish high live release rates for shelters in our communities.

K-9 PALS provides high quality veterinary care, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic treatments, surgical care, and suppplies that would otherwise not be available for shelter dogs.

K-9 PALS volunteers organize and participate in fundraising events, adoption awareness events, and outreach events, provide adoption and rescue networking, and transport for shelter and rescue dogs.

K-9 PALS volunteers during the years 2000-2011 provided county shelter dogs with high quality daily care that included exercising, training, and socializing, bathing, counseling for prospective adopters, assessing dog behavior, and cleaning and maintaining exercise yards and work areas. Our volunteers continue to provide these services to numerous shelters in central California.

K-9 PALS constructed several areas on the property of the Santa Barbara County Shelter: the Visitor's Garden where prospective adopters can meet dogs for adoption, the K-9 PALS Dog Training area - a large fully fenced area for dog training, several exercise/play yards for the dogs, and the storage building for dog supplies.

K-9 PALS made a substantial donation of $146,500 for the renovation of the Santa Barbara Shelter's main kennel building in 2007. This donation was provided by funding from the estates of John J. Phelan and Susan M. Camusi.

K-9 PALS gratefully receives donations and funding from individuals, groups, organizations and local businesses, and grant awards from foundations and charitable trusts.

Board of Directors of K-9 PALS is comprised of a group of people who have great compassion, interest and experience in working for the welfare of abandoned dogs, and some have worked with Animal Shelters and rescue organizations for more than 38 years.

Current K-9 PALS Board of Directors:
Janelle Ward, President
Cheryl Sterling, Secretary/Treasurer
Christine Grabbenstetter, Director at Large
David Caffo, Director Emeritus
Thom Zimerle, Director Emeritus
Debbie Deem, Director Emeritus

K-9 PALS Board Advisory Associates:
Verona Douglas DVM, CVA
Jean Greek, DVM, DVACVD
Andrea Wells, DVM, DVACVIM
Nate Cultice, CFP, FSA
Andrea Bratt, CPDT
Dan Casaus, DVM,
Rodney Ayl, BSc, BVSC, MRCVS
Kathleen McFarlin, DVM
Robert Sikes, DVM, DAVCVS
Page Evans, DVM
Joseph Dalo, VMD
Kelly Harmon, DVM
J.M.A Da Silva, DVM, Dipl. ACVO
Ron Faoro, DVM, posthumously

Because of the tragic passing of our dear friend Dr. Ron Faoro, it is with great sadness that Dr. Ron Faoro is no longer with us on this earth, but he lives on with us in spirit.

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