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Frequently Asked Questions About K-9 PALS
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How is K-9 PALS funded?
K-9 PALS gratefully receives donations from individuals, groups, foundations, charitable trusts, organizations, and businesses. Funding for K-9 PALS provides much needed veterinary care, services, and adoption and rescue efforts for homeless and abandoned dogs in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County, and other shelters in central and southern California.

K-9 PALS depends on monetary donations in order to provide care and resources for the dogs abandoned of Santa Barbara County shelters and other shelters in need of rescue and placement, and dogs that K-9 PALS rescues to rehome.

How can I make a donation to K-9 PALS?
There are a number of ways to donate to K-9 PALS. Please go to our donate page.

How are K-9 PALS, ASAP, and BUNS the same and how are they different?
K-9 PALS, ASAP, and BUNS are all non-profit organizations that provide resources for the County's animals that are in the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter in Goleta.

ASAP (Animal Shelter Assistance Program) is located within the Santa Barbara County Shelter provides daily care, adoption promotion, and funding for cats at the County Animal Shelter.

BUNS (Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter) is located within the County Animal Shelter and provides daily care, adoptions, and funding for rabbits at the County Animal Shelter.

K-9 PALS provides resources of veterinary care, medications, supplies, food, dog behavior training for adopters, adoption promotions, off site events for dogs, rescue, adoptions, and advocacy for lost and abandoned dogs of Santa Barbara Shelters. K-9 PALS' resources are also provided to all dogs that are rescued by K-9 PALS.

The efforts of ASAP and BUNS are just for animals in the Santa Barbara County shelter, whereas K-9 PALS efforts are for dogs in shelters and rescues in Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and other dogs in need.

Although most of the shelter volunteers providing daily care of shelter dogs are volunteers with K-9 PALS, K-9 PALS is not the supervising entity of the on -site operations the Goleta shelter. The on - site management at the County Shelter in Goleta is under the management of County Animal Services. Therefore when K-9 PALS volunteers are performing tasks for the county shelter they will be referred to as SBCAS volunteers and have to abide by SBCAS shelter rules.

Does K-9 PALS support euthansia of dogs for shelter population control?
NO. K-9 PALS believes that no dog should be euthanized for shelter population control, and advocates for shelters to elminate euthanasia except for reasons of irremediable health or very serious behavior problems.

K-9 PALS believes every adoptable dog be given a chance for medical care and training in order to made placable into a life long home. No dog was euthanized for population control at the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter during the time of K-9 PALS' involvement in the policy and procedural decisions at the Santa Barbara Shelter which was from March 2000 to July 2011.

The criteria for adoptability and euthanasia at Santa Barbara Shelter has been determined solely by Santa Barbara County Animal Services since August 2011. The SBCAS criteria for adoptability and for euthanasia is not determined by any discussion or consensus from K-9 PALS, therefore may differ from K-9 PALS philosophy and policies for euthanasia.

What will I be able to do as a volunteer for K-9 PALS?
K-9 PALS volunteers can help homeless dogs in many ways. Volunteers are needed to help raise money for care of the dogs, to organize and particpate in fundraising events, adoption & community outreach events, writing and publishing newsletters, advertising, marketing, photography, assisting with dog training classes, dog transport, and most importantly providing foster homes for our dogs for adoption. Please go to our volunteer page for more details about volunteering with K-9 PALS.

What is the difference between K-9 PALS and Santa Barbara County Animal Services?
K-9 PALS is an independent all volunteer, non-profit organization that does not operate within the confines of a shelter and is not under the umbrella of the County of Santa Barbara or under the umbrella of any other organization or government entity.

K-9 PALS offers resources for shelter dogs beyond what the shelter or rescues are able to provide. The resources K-9 PALS provides is veterinary care, special foods, dog behavior training, rescue and advocacy for the homeless and abandoned dogs of county and municipal animal helters and other shelters and rescue groups. K-9 PALS encourages its volunteers to become involved with volunteer programs at county animal Shelters and animal rescue groups that K-9 PALS raises money to provide services for.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services is a government entity with paid employees, that has responsibility for the management for the three Santa Barbara County Animal Shelters. Volunteers at the County Shelters may choose to volunteer with the supporting partnering non-profit groups of K-9 PALS, BUNS, ASAP, CAPA, ACF, as well as be a volunteer for County Animal Services, or they may choose to volunteer only for County Animal Services.

What is the cost of the adoption fee for a dog if I adopt a dog featured on the K-9 PALS website?
The adoption fee for a dog that is promoted for adoption by K-9 PALS will depend on the fee set by the agency that owns the individual dog, plus the cost of the license if you live in the City or County of Santa Barbara. The adoption fees includes spay or neuter, age-appropriate vaccines, rabies, dewormer, and also may include microchipping, depending on the individual agency.

K-9 PALS provides 4 FREE dog behavior training sessions for dogs adopted from shelters and rescues, as well as behavior training sessions for dogs for adoption from local shelters and rescue groups.

What is the difference between K-9 PALS and the Humane Society?
K-9 PALS is an all volunteer non profit organization that is dedicated to providing veterinary care, support and promotions for the homeless and abandoned dogs of county shelters and privately operated dog rescue organizations.

The Santa Barbara Humane Society is a private organization with paid staff and volunteers that takes in animals that are turned in by their owners in Santa Barbara County, at no cost to the owner. The Humane Society does not take in stray animals. The Humane Society provides other services to the community in addition to adoption of animals, such as pet boarding, spay/neuter clinic, and cremation services.

What is the difference between K-9 PALS and DAWG, and what is the relationship?
DAWG is a non profit organization with paid employees and volunteers, that leases buildings and property from the County of Santa Barbara. DAWG has dogs for adoption and a veterinary clinic. DAWG takes in dogs from shelters and owner surrenders and does not accept strays.

K-9 PALS is an all volunteer non profit organization which operates solely on donations and receives no revenues, subsidies or rental space from any government agency. K-9 PALS does not operate a shelter but provides resources to shelters and rescues. K-9 PALS rescues from shelters where dogs are at risk of euthanasia. Rescued dogs will be placed in foster homes until placed in permanent homes or until transferred to other no kill organizations. K-9 PALS does not accept strays or owner surrenders.

K-9 PALS and DAWG work collaboratively to accomplish similar missions to increase the rate of live release of dogs in stray shelters by adoption and rescue and decrease the rate of euthanasia of dogs in shelters.

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