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Free Professional Dog Training for adopted dogs!
If you adopt a dog from a shelter, humane society, or rescue group, and live in Santa Barbara County, you are eligible for this great offer!


March 2017

Sip & Shop Fundraiser
March 17th
11 am to 3 pm
J. McLaughlin
Coast Village Road
Montecito, CA

February 2017

Laguna Blanca School
Science Discovery Night
February 8th
3 to 4:30 pm
Laguna Blanca School
Montecito, CA

Valentine's Bake Sale
February 11th
12 to 3 pm
The Pet House
Calle Real Centre
Goleta, CA

December 2016

Friday, December 16th
11 am to 4 pm
Sip & Shop Fundraiser
J. McLaughlin
15% of all sales
donated to K-9 PALS
1253 Coast Village Rd.
Montecito, CA

Saturday, December 17th
12 to 3 pm
Year's End Holiday Fundraiser
Bake Sale & Jewelry Sale
The Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

Saturday, December 17th
1 to 4 pm
Photos with Santa
Petco 5 Points
Santa Barbara, CA

October 2016

Saturday, Oct 22nd
12 to 3 pm
K-9 PALS Bake Sale Fundraiser
The Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

Saturday, Sept 17th
12 to 3 pm
Art, Craft & Jewelry
Sale Fundraiser
The Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

Wednesday, August 24th
12 to 4 pm
1253 Coast Village Rd.
Montecito, CA

Saturday, August 13th
9 am to 3 pm
Trails n Tails
Santa Barbara
Botanic Gardens
Santa Barbara, CA

July 2016

Saturday, July 9th
12 to 3 pm
Bake Sale/Jewelry Fundraiser
Dogs for Adoption
Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

June 2016
Saturday, June 11, 2016
12 to 3 pm
Bake Sale/Jewelry Fundraiser
Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

May 2016
Friday, May 27, 2016
12 to 4 pm
Sip & Shop Fundraiser
15% of all sales proceeds
to benefit K-9 PALS
J. McLaughlin
1253 Coast Village Rd.
Montecito, CA

May 21, 2016
12 to 3 pm
5th Annual Caring
& Sharing Event
K-9 PALS Outreach & Adoption Booth
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

April 2016

April 16-17, 2016
Earth Day Festival
K-9 PALS Outreach Booth
11 am-4 pm
Alameda Park
Santa Barbara, CA

Saturday, April 9th, 2016
12 to 3 pm
K-9 PALS Bake Sale Fundraiser
Dogs for Adoption
The Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

March 2016

March 12, 2016
12 to 3 pm
St. Patty's Day Bake Sale
& Jewelry Sale Fundraiser
Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

February 2016

February 13, 2016
12 to 3 pm
K-9 PALS Bake Sale Fundraiser
Dogs for Adoption
The Pet House
Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

February 2, 2016
4 pm - 5 pm
K-9 PALS Dog Behavior Science Demonstration
Science Discovery Night
Laguna Blanca School
Montecito, CA

December 2015

Sat. December 19th
12 noon to 3 pm
K-9 PALS Gift & Bake Sale Fundraiser
& Dogs for Adoption
Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

Fri. December 18
11 am - 3pm
J. McClaughlin
Fundraiser for K-9 PALS
15% of all sales donated to K-9 PALS
Coast Village Rd.
Montecito, CA

Tues. December 8th
10:30 am - 9 pm
Kyle's Kitchen
Proceeds Fundraiser Day
Bring your coupon or
show coupon on your phone
5723 Calle Real
Goleta, CA


K-9 PALS Bake Sale/Jewelry Fundraiser
Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

October 2015

October 24th
K-9 PALS Bake Sale/Jewelry Fundraiser
Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

September 2015
K-9 PALS Bake Sale/Jewelry Sale Fundraiser
Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

August 2015

Saturday, August 8th
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
K-9 PALS Bake Fundraiser
& Dogs for Adoption
Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

Saturday, August 15th
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Trails n Tails Event
K-9 PALS Community Outreach Booth
The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Santa Barbara, CA

July 2015

Saturday, July 18th
K-9 PALS Art & Craft Sale
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
519-A Walnut Ave.
Carpinteria, CA

Wednesday, July 29th
"Sip & Shop" Fundraiser
11am to 3pm
J. McLaughlin
Coast Village Road
Montecito, CA

June 2015

Saturday, June 13th
12 to 3 p.m.
K-9 PALS Bake Sale & Dogs for Adoption
Pet House on Calle Real
Goleta, CA

June 6th, 2015
noon to 3 p.m.
Caring & Sharing Event
Pet House
Goleta, CA

May 2015

May 9th, 2015
noon to 3 p.m.
K-9 PALS Bake Sale Fundraiser
Pet House on Calle Real
Goleta, CA

April 2015

April 18th-19th 2015
11 to 5 p.m. both days
K-9 PALS Outreach & Dog Adoption
Earth Day Festival
Alameda Park
Santa Barbara, CA

March 2015

March 28th 2015
12 to 3 p.m.
Bake Sale Fundraiser Event
White House-Black Market
State Street
Santa Barbara, CA

March 14th
12- 3 p.m.
"St. Patty's Day"
Dogs for Adoption
Bake Sale Fundraiser
The Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

February 2015

February 14th
12- 3 p.m.
"Share the Love"
Dogs for Adoption
Bake Sale Fundraiser
The Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

February 10th
4 to 8 p.m.
Cafe Fresco North Fundraiser!
15% of all food & beverages proceeds go to K-9 PALS!
Dine In or Take Out
5940 Calle Real
Goleta CA

February 3rd
Laguna Blanca School
Science Discovery Night!

January 2015

January 17th
12 to 3 p.m.
"Bring in the New Year with a New Dog"
Adoption Event
The Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta CA

December 2014

December 20th
12 to 3 pm
K-9 PALS Adoptable Dogs &
Bake Sale Fundraiser
The Pet House
5781 Calle Real
Goleta, CA

December 4th -21st
Dog Adoption Events at the New Vic Theatre -
Sundays 1-2 pm Dec 7th, 14th, 21st
K-9 PALS joins up with
The Ensemble Theatre Company for
"The Best Brothers"
at the New Victoria Theatre
Santa Barbara, CA

November 2014

Watch a great performance and support K-9 PALs while doing so. See Popovich at the Arlington theater Saturday Nov 8th at 2pm. Use the code 'woof' when ordering your tickets online or at the Arlington Box Office so a portion of your proceeds go to K-9 PALS.

June, July, August, September, October 2014

Please go to our FB page for all the latest on our events, activities, dogs adopted, and dogs that need our help, and yours!

May 2014

May 31, 2014
K-9 PALS Fundraiser ~ Bake Sale ~ Adoptable Dogs
Calle Real Caring & Sharing Event
Pet House in Calle Real Center
Goleta, CA

April 2014

K-9 PALS at Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara
April 26-27th at Alameda Park
Fundraiser and Showcasing Shelter and Rescue Dogs for Adoption

March 2014

K-9 PALS celebrates our 14th Anniversary as the premiere organization helping homeless and abandoned shelter dogs in Santa Barbara County since March 2000!

February 2014

February 14th - Valentine's Day Adoption Specials
for Black Dogs and Senior Dogs adopted from Ventura County and Santa Barbara County Shelters
- Double Bonus Rebate Coupons for Senior Black Dogs -
contact for details

February 4th, 2014
Laguna Blanca School
Science Discovery Night
Demonstrations of Dog Behavior Learning
with Positive Reinforcement Training

January 2014

January 24th - 27th
K-9 PALS Pony Express Transport
for Ventura County Animal Services to
No-Kill Rescue Adoptions in Washington State

December 2013

December is "Home for the Holidays" Month!

Please donate and foster to help to K-9 PALS get more dogs home for the holidays!

November 2013

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month!

LOOKING TO ADOPT A DOG? LOOK HERE FIRST! There are great senior dogs for adoption!:
K-9 PALS Listings of Dogs for Adoption

October 2013

K-9 PALS Listings of Dogs for Adoption

September 2013

Poppy is a sweet Lhasa mix that needed surgery to repair her fractured leg. K9 Pals covered the cost of that surgery and an emergency spay surgery. Any donations to help us pay Poppy's bills is much appreciated.Please donate via Paypal

July 2013

Emily Chub Chug,Chihuahua pug mix, was a stray out on the street and was hit by a car. She lost an eye, has a broken jaw, and is in jeopardy of losing her leg! K9 PALS rescued her from the Ventura County shelter and is committed to her providing her veterinary care but we need your help cover the costs. Please donate at the Paypal button below.

June 2013
Hi Everyone,
Dusty has come through his bladder stone surgery and doing well! He had six bladder stones and a very irritated bladder and urinary tract. Poor little Dusty, abandoned at the shelter after his owner could no longer care for him, and being in such bad shape himself! Thankfully we were able to do the diagnostics to find out why he was in so much pain and doing so poorly. Now we need to pay the vet bills. Please consider donating for Dusty's veterinary care. Please see Dusty's photo and information on how to donate in the column to the left.

K-9 PALS is always seeking:
Volunteers to provide foster and adoption promotion of a dog for K-9 PALS, and

Volunteers to organize and work on fundraising projects and events.

If either one or both of these activities are what you want to do to help abandoned dogs, then K-9 PALS you are meant to be a K-9 PALS volunteer!

Contact us at

May 2013
Hi Everyone,

We are having our usual number of sick, and injured dogs who need our help, and many dogs who need our foster, but in rescue, we know it never stops. And that's what makes us work so hard so we can save dogs.

So we are also having our usual expenses for veterinary care, food, medications, expenses, so far this year totaling $29,730. April-May veterinary and food expenses thus far incurred were $9,930. Which means we need to keep raise a lot of donations. We had some really great help with fundraising from our local community recently. A big THANK YOU goes out for the following:

Budget Rent A Car - Yard Sale Fundraiser: $800.

The Gracie Foundation: $1,000.

The Miles for Mutts Fundraiser, $1,070.

Petco Foundation: $600

Recent Medical Needs:

The dogs listed below are those that K-9 PALS has provided for in April and May.

Pippa, K-9 PALS rescued Pippa from SB county shelter and provided diagnostics, spay and dental surgery, $400, now she is adopted.

Frankie, rescued by DAWG, and K-9 PALS provided eye surgery for both eyes, $675.

Oreo from SB county shelter, K-9 PALS paid for rhinoscopy, and dental $1,000.

Jed, K-9 PALS rescued from SB county shelter, diagnostics and hospital expenses, $600.

Peaches, rescued by K-9 PALS from SB shelter, dental surgery, diagnostics, ear medications, $1,000.

Prince, K-9 PALS rescued from SM shelter, paid for surgery for neuter and severe dental disease, $800.

Carmel and Domino from SB county shelter, x rays: $300

Ruby, rescued by K-9 PALS, medical care costs, medications, food: $700.

Banana, from SB county shelter, eye surgery, $600.

K-9 PALS is continuing to provide physical therapy for Buttercup for her spinal injury and she will remain in foster with one of our volunteers until she is adopted. Monthly veterinary cost to us: $280.

Additional veterinary care for kittycat, estimated costs are pending.

Monthly average costs for prescription foods and special diets for dogs we provide for: $1,400 to $1,700, April-May $2,775.

Monthly average costs for dog behavior training we provide: $400-$800.

Upcoming Events: Fundraisers, Adoption and Community Outreach, and Training classes

May 18, Saturday, 12- 3 p.m., Valley Pets Adoption & Outreach Booth, Buelton, CA.

June 1, Saturday, 12 - 3:00 p.m., Adoption & Outreach Event at Pet House on Calle Real. volunteers will be bringing dogs for adoption from local shelters and rescues.

June 2, Sunday, State Street Mile, 8:00 to 11 a.m. Please sign up now!
Our dog run/walk team will get entry fee paid for by K-9 PALS. Look for Shawn and Trace, and Shelley and Abbey, and John and Oliver!
Non race running volunteers are needed to bring adoptable dogs for the outreach booth.

June 8th, Saturday, 12 - 3 p.m. Unity Church Blessing of the Pets, Community Outreach & Adoption Event. We will have an informational booth, please your bring adoptable dogs and adopted dogs!

June 22nd, Saturday, 12- 3 p.m., Adoption & Outreach Event at Lookout Park Monarch Pet Spa in Summerland, CA.

July 6th, Saturday, Independence Day Celebration Adoption & Outreach Event, Pet House, Calle Real in Goleta, CA.

July Fundraiser, date TBA. Volunteers needed.

July 21st, Community Outreach Booth at Dog Festival and Dog Walk, Ventura, CA.

August 24th, Saturday, Botanic Gardens Trails n Tails Adoption & Outreach Booth. Will need volunteers to bring dogs for adoption from county shelters and other local rescues.

September 28th, Saturday, 5th Annual Dog Festival and Great Ball Drop, the biggest Adoption and Fundraiser Event of the year! Volunteers needed for pre-event and day of activities.

Every Saturday, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m., at the SB county shelter - K-9 PALS Adopter Training classes, also open for shelter dogs and foster dogs when AP.

Open Paw Behavior 4 part Training for SBCAS shelter volunteers and staff. No current classes are being held at this time. If you are interested in signing up for the next session, email to

Volunteer Call for help for jobs:

FOSTERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED. We need volunteers for all types of dogs. Please specify what kinds of dogs you would prefer to foster. If you can commit to caring for a dog until adoption is found, please email to

We are seeking one or two more volunteers to act as assistant to our behavior trainer for our Saturday morning trainings for adopted dogs and shelter and foster dogs. If you are interested, and would like more information about this, please reply to this email or to

More volunteers to submit bio information and photos for our adoptable dog website page Please reply to to help with the website.

Thank you to those participating in our events and to all of you for your work in support of K-9 PALS and helping the dogs!

March 2013
Skoshi came into the shelter with large tumors in her abdomen. K9 PALS made her one of our sanctuary dogs and found her a foster home for her to be comfortable in, because the tumor was thought to be cancerous. We then consulted a specialist, and found that we could get an operation done to remove the tumors. We just had the surgery done and it cost ~1270$. Skoshi has a new "leash" on life, but we need help paying the bills. Please consider donating to Skoshi's medical funds.

Penelope came into the shelter in a neglected state. K9 PALS got her surgery to have masses removed and dental surgery to fix up her teeth. Penelope has been adopted but we are still paying the bills from her surgeries. Please considering donating to K-9 PALS to help fund Penelope's and other dogs medical costs.

March 15th, 2013
Medical Costs Updates for 2013

So far in 2013 K-9 PALS has incurred veterinary care, food, medications expenses totaling $19,800. The dogs listed below are those that we are providing for now, and or have received requests to provide for - still needing donations and funding for:

Banana is in foster with one of our volunteers and healing up from bilateral cherry eye surgery and dental. We are seeking donations and funding to cover cost of her surgery: $566.
Penelope, now happily adopted. K-9 PALS provided surgery for mass removal, dental surgery and grooming: $832.

Scooter, county shelter dog, developed severe skin and issues from allergies and county shelter asked for K-9 PALS to take on the medical issues to diagnose and treat. He is now on a long course of antigen shots, antibiotics, and prescription food. Veterinary costs to us: $632. Most of his allergy issues will resolve once he is in a better environment so, really he needs to be in a foster home, or adopted!

Skoshi was adopted out of the shelter into K-9 PALS Sanctuary Dog Program, and put into a forever home. Since then another veterinarian was consulted, and discussed with her foster mom the possibility and benefit of going ahead with surgery that could add a few more years to her life. Skoshi had the surgery last week and she is feeling great, ready to play and lead a normal life. We are needing help to raise donations to help pay the veterinary bills of $1,270.

Peaches was hospitalized after becoming seriously ill in the county shelter. Peaches is a senior miniature poodle whose owner had died and she was abandoned at the shelter.
Diagnostics, I.V. fluids, medications were administered and diagnostics were done to discover the cause. Vet care costs to us: $1,210. All tests came back normal. Assessment is that Peaches' illness was from stress at the shelter. Peaches will remain in a foster home until she is adopted.

K-9 PALS is continuing to provide physical therapy for Buttercup and she will remain in foster with one of our volunteers for as long as needed. Monthly cost to us: $280.

Monthly average costs for prescription foods and special diets for dogs we provide for: $1,400.

January 2013

Sweet little Cherry Pie had to have surgeries to correct her prolapsed inner eyelids in both eyes! We are all very excited and happy to announce that Cherry Pie was adopted!, but we also still NEED DONATIONS! to pay for previous medical bills from when we saved her from her near death experience with the parvo virus that kills puppies unless they receive aggressive and expensive vet care. Please consider making a donation to K-9 PALS to start off your New Year with a gift to abandoned dogs.

1, Novemeber 2012

Did you know November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month?
Senior dogs make fabulous additions to the family.

Click here to view full size.

12th August, 2012

K9 PALS 4th Annual Dog Festival and Great Ball Drop, Saturday, September 29th at Chase Palm Park. This is our biggest annual fundraising event to raise money help cover all the dog's medical costs we have incurred over the year. It's a fun event with lots happening. This year's dog demonstrations include Goleta Valley Dog Club, and K9s Behave, Dog Talent Contest and Costume Contest. Live mustic by Tiffany and the Henderson Brothers. Event highlight is the Santa Barbara City Fire Department and the Great Ball Drop! Click here for the details.

-- -------------------DOG FESTIVAL SPONSORS---------------------

Santa Barbara Bank and Trust:
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, with 45 branches on the Central Coast, is a nationally chartered regional bank that provides Commercial Banking, Private Wealth Management and Community Banking products and services. SBB&T offers the customized financial solutions of a large bank with the care and commitment you would expect from a local bank. "Our employees are dedicated to serving their friends and neighbors, as together, we work to make our communities stronger."

Dermatology and Allergy Clinic for Animals: Dr. Jean Swingle Greek graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin's School of Veterinary Medicine, completed internship at the University of Tennessee and residency in veterinary dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania. After passing her boards, she was head of the dermatology department at Veterinary Specialists of Kansas City. In 2000, she and her husband moved to Santa Barbara. Since that time she has been the only board certified veterinary dermatologist on the central coast. In 2011, she opened her own practice, Dermatology and Allergy Clinic for Animals. The Clinic specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic skin and ear disease,immune-mediated and hormonal disease,nail and nail bed diseases,and skin manifestations of internal disease. The Clinic utilizes the latest in technology and offers services including: intradermal allergy testing and hyposensitization therapy, video otoscopy,biopsy services,and equine dermatology.

Advanced Veterinary Specialists, Inc.: Advanced Veterinary Specialty ( AVS) provides pets with diagnostics and therapeutics that compliment the care provided by an owner's trusted family veterinarian. All of its doctors are board certified specialists and have extensive training in their field. They assess patients with many disorders including kidney or liver disease, diabetes mellitus, heart murmurs, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, and anemia. At AVS, doctors perform a wide variety of specialized procedures including ultrasounds, color flow Doppler echocardiograms (heart ultrasound), endoscopy, chemotherapy, biopsies, bone marrow sampling, tracheal stent placement, and much more. Currently, AVS is able to see pets and clients at several veterinary practices located within Santa Barbara and as far as Santa Maria and Oxnard.

Created in Santa Barbara: Created in Santa Barbara was born when local, Brian Peddicord, combined his two greatest passions, digital videography and the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, together to create a place where other locals could share their unique creativity through the art of online media. By visiting and liking Created in Santa Barbara's Facebook page, you can see the stories of all the different projects and collaborations that are being created in our hometown through picture and video updates. You can also learn about how you can join in on the fun. Please visit to experience and be a part of our creative community.

Silvergreens: Silvergreens Restaurant & Catering has been serving the local Santa Barbara community for over 17 years. From our breads, soups, dressings and hand-cut fries, to roasting our own meats and vegetables, our menu is made from scratch each day using fresh, natural and local ingredients. This allows us to control the flavor and nutrient value of each item. Our mission is to make our food as healthy as possible without compromising taste, thereby enabling you to eat responsibly and indulgently at the same time.
At Silvergreens, we believe in Eating Smart and Living Well:
stay active
be healthy
go green
get local
have fun


---------------------DOG FESTIVAL EXHIBITORS AND VENDORS---------------------

Animal Medical Center
All For Love Animal Rescue
Alison Hansen Pitty Kissing Booth with "Daisy Mae"
CARE Hospital & Snow cones!
Camp Canine
Cottage Hospital Therapy Dogs
Cold Noses, Warm Hearts
Elanco Animal Health
Deserving Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation
Dolce di Roma Italian Ice
Santa Barbara City Fire Department
French Bulldog Village
Goleta Valley Dog Club
Homestretch Greyhound Rescue
HydroPaws Rehabilitation Center
San Roque Veterinary Hospital
K9s Behave - Andrea Bratt
La Cumbre Animal Hospital
Labs and Friends
Loose Pooch Dog Club
New Leash on Life
Rollling Vet Pet
Second Chance Cocker and Cat Rescue
Whimsical Digital, Mary-Jo Pet Portraits

---------------------GREAT BALL DROP & DOG CONTEST DONORS---------------------

Four Seasons Biltmore
AC4 Fitness
Acupuncture with Adam Cote
Adama Vegan
Arch Rock Fish
Backyard Bowl
Blue Owl
Il Fustino
CafÈ de Sol
Carpinteria Vet Hospital
Chaucer's Books
Cody's CafÈ
Colleen's Grooming
Diamond Pet Food
Evolution Medical Spa
Fess Parker Double Tree Rodney's Steakhouse
Flipper Aquarium
Goleta Vally Athletic Club
Home Depot
HydroPaws Rehabilitation Center
Ian's Tire & Auto
Island Seed and Feed
Johnson Family Dental
Kahuna Grill
La Cumbre Feed Store
Le Reve Boutique and Spa
The Little Dog House
Loose Pooch
Louie's California Bistro
Massage with a Caring Heart
Massage Gallery
Montecito Pet Shop
Natural Cafe
Natural History Museum & Ty Warner Sea Center
New Leash O Life
Pet House
Pharmacy in Montecito
Pier One
ProForm Fitness & Training
Sam's Doggie Dude Ranch
San Ysidro Ranch - The Stonehouse
Santa Barbara Dance Center
Seaside Gardens
South Coast Deli
Spectrum Gym
Taste of the Wild
T.J. Paws
The Palms
Tecolote Book Store
Trader Joe's
VCA Noah's Ark
Whitcraft Winery

Wine Grotto
Whimsical Digital

20th August, 2012

MAJOR, sweet senior labrador mix, must have
suffered for many years, because his inner ears are actually destroyed from chronic ear infections. K-9 PALS has his surgery scheduled today to relieve his painful chronic condition. Major is doing great after surgery. You can help Major by making a donation to K-9 PALS Medical Fund for Major. Go to our donate button and click on donate.

7th August, 2012

Sweet little DOODLE came into the shelter in terrible shape, matted and filthy, which is easy to fix with a good clip and a bath, but he had really infected teeth. So K-9 PALS provided dental surgery, and he had to have 16 teeth extracted because they were rotten so not only were they causing him pain but really a health issue for the little guy. Please help Doodle by clicking on our donate button so K-9 PALS can keep providing medical care to these very deserving dogs!

3rd August, 2012

Goood News for ANTONIO! We are finally able to get his leg surgery done. We know his knee was giving him pain for a long time, probably since birth. Antonio is doing great now in his foster home with K-9 PALS volunteers andd K9 foster home buddies. Midnight would have died without the extensive and expensive medical care, Billy AND Lady Bug would have also died without extensive medical care. Please help us pay for the medical care for Midnight, Billy, and Antonio, and many more. Without donations to K-9 PALS, saving the lives and eliminating their pain and suffering of these very sweet dogs would not be possible.

August, 2012

VERA had rough irritated looking mass on her neck/chest area and the vet. said it needed to removed and biopsied so K-9 PALS took care of having it done. The mass was benign and Vera is feeling much better now and so are we. Thankfully for Vera there is a very benevolent donor to assist K-9 PALS with her surgery costs. Thank you to Chrissie's Fund! Please consider being a K-9 PALS donor so that we can help more dogs!

July, 2012

MIDNIGHT smiling! 3 months now from her almost fatal accident on the highway, saved by dedicated Lompoc AS officers, and funds from K-9 PALS donors. Think "donate saves lives" and YOU can help save lives.

Midnight's Story
This sweet, beautiful, amazing dog, victim of a devastating accident, Midnight was run over by a vehicle and lying injured on the highway. Lompoc Animal Services Officers took her to hospital and called K-9 PALS for help. She had a crushed pelvis and broken leg so was unable to walk and in excruciating pain. We enlisted the help of veterinary staff and surgeon, and friends. Everyone fell in love with her. The extensive complicated surgery has been done, she's been receiving physical therapy, and now she's walking again! Now we need your help to raise funds for her medical care, the cost is $6,900.

June, 2012

K-9 PALS IS URGENTLY SEEKING DONATIONS FOR MERCEDES. Mercedes is a very sweet 8 yr old female Boxer who arrived at the shelter with a horrible mass in her mouth which inhibited her ability to eat. She was emcaciated and had terrible gastrointestinal issues, and then she also became sicker with some other undiagnosed health issues. So K-9 PALS stepped in to have surgery done on her mouth, hospitalization, diagnostics, then another surgery to remove fox tails that were deep in her nasal passages. Mercedes is now finally healthy again. PLEASE donate for her veterinary care.

June, 2012

PI was suffering from severely painful, infected ears until K-9 PALS provided medical care for him. Pi's ear problems were so severe and so painful that surgery wa
s required twice to remove the deeply imbedded fox tails. K-9 PALS arranged for Pi's surgeries and paid for all his veterinary care. He is healthy now and looking for a forever home. K-9 PALS is desperately seeking donations to pay for expenses for Pi's veterinary care. You can help even with a small donation. To donate for Pi go to -
Or send donations to K-9 PALS, P.O. Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0755.

June, 2012

DOMINO - Please donate for little Domino to help pay for veterinary care costs. Domino was suffering from painful, chronic severely infected nasal blockage. His nasal passages were so terribly infected and painful that surgery was required twice
to find and remove blockages that were possibly fox tails or masses. The obstructions were so deep and hard to reach in his tiny nasal passage that they had to be removed by a specialist. K-9 PALS arranged for Domino's surgeries and paid for all his veterinary care. Thankfully the removed masses were benign, and he is healthy now and looking for a forever home. K-9 PALS and is now seeking donations to pay for the expenses incurred for Domino's veterinary care and medications. The bills to K-9 PALS for Domino's care are $1,152. Please donate to the care of Domino by going to
OR send donations to K-9 PALS, P.O. Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0755.

June 2012

MANDY, an 20-month old happy, alert, energetic German Shepherd mix pup, entered the SB shelter limping after being hit by a car. When she was examined by a vet hospital, they found a deep and infected old wound in her foot. K-9 PALS paid for the diagnostics, reconstructive foot surgery, and hospitalization. Her medical foster family fell in love and ended up adopting her!

April, 2012

COLETTE'S story started out scary, and ended up a very Happy Tail, thank to K-9 PALS!

The last thing this poor girl remembered was running terrified into traffic, then agonizing pain This tiny 8 pound one year old poodle puppy was hit by a car shattering her back leg. Thank goodness a good Samaritan found her and took her to get help right away.
Colette needed surgery right away and it will cost about $3,000. The shelter does not have the resources to pay for these kinds of medical expenses that is where K-9 PALS comes in. The shelter supervisor called K-9 PALS and asked if we could help save her life by paying for her surgery. We took one look at that sad little face and said yes!

Colette had her surgery and came through with flying colors. Now we need to pay her $3,000 bill, can you help?

Paypal link for donations to help Collette:

April, 2012

Poor PENNY then (BUT HAPPY TAIL NOW)...Imagine how it would be to be a tiny 8 pound dog and wake up one day in the County shelter kennel with a temperature of 94 degrees, lethargic, not eating, and very dehydrated. What happened? County shelter staff did not know and didn't have the funds to find out, so they asked K-9 PALS to pay for emergency hospital care, diagnostics, and medical treatments. Because of help from K-9 PALS, PENNY's life was saved ! She is now on on the road to recovery.

You can help PENNY by donating to K-9 PALS. Every dollar donated will go towards helping PENNY or another homeless county shelter dog who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Paypal link:


send donations to K-9 PALS, P.O. Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0755.

April, 2012

NELLIE and other homeless dogs need YOUR HELP! You CAN help by donating to Nellie's medical care-extensvie surgery to repair her badly fractured leg, and/or medical care for many other very deserving dogs.

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or Send donations to K-9 PALS P.O. Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0755

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November is National Adopt-A-Senior Month! Senior dogs make great pets. Check out this list of reasons why!

K-9 PALS is extremely saddened with the passing of Kyle Pickford, long time donor and adopter of K-9 PALS dogs. K-9 PALS has created the KYLE PICKFORD MEMORIAL FUND for those who would like to donate in honor and memory of Kyle.

Your donations will go towards helping K-9 PALS dogs that have been rescued from shelters, and veterinary care, food and medications and behavior training for dogs in underfunded stray shelters. DONATE online using PayPal, or send donations to K-9 PALS, P.O. Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-0755.

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